Edith Elizabeth APPLETON
O.B.E.  R.R.C.





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Early 1900s


How to gain access to the complete original text.

First of all, an apology that you can no longer get immediate access to the full original text of Edie's diaries.  This is something that has been insisted upon by the publishers of the book of Edie's diaries. Click here for more about the book; publication is March 2012.  However, please be assured that full access is still available and we have tried to make this as simple and straightforward as possible.

All you need to do is send me an email (ediesdiaries@gmail.com) which includes the statement "I confirm that I have read the terms and conditions and I agree to abide by them" (see terms and conditions below) and let me know what your interest is in the diaries.  I will then reply as soon as I possibly can with information about where you can access the diaries in full online - at no cost!

I'd just like to add that I intend to interpret "possible descendants of the people named in the diary" very generously! I look forward to hearing from you. Hearing from relatives of those mentioned by Edie is the most rewarding aspect of the website for us. If you do have a link to someone she mentions please let us know via Edie's Visitors Book.

If, meanwhile, you would like to see 7,000 words of extracts from the diaries please click here.

Dick Robinson
Great nephew of Edith Appleton



I control the publication rights to the Diary and, in association with The Imperial War Museum, I have licensed those rights exclusively to Simon and Schuster UK Limited for publication in a work provisionally entitled:  A NURSE AT THE WESTERN FRONT. As part of my Agreement with the publisher I am, however, permitted to allow online access to the Diary for the purposes of bona fide research only by:

  1. general researchers into the life of Edith Appleton, the events of World War I or nursing during wartime, and

  2. possible descendants of the people named in the Diary.

On receipt of an email confirming acceptance of the following terms and conditions and a brief explanation of your research you will be given immediate and full access to the full original text of the Diary.

Terms and Conditions accepted by the user of the Diary:

  1. The user will only use the Diary for the purposes explained in their acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  2. The user acknowledges that the contents of the Diary (other than information already known to them) are exclusively the property of Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.

  3. The user will not publish or otherwise reveal any information from the Diary other than for the purposes of completing their research.

  4. The user may only retain copies of those parts of the Diary which apply to their research in their own personal archive.

Please indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions with a brief explanation of your research by sending me an email to this effect.  On receipt, I will provide you with access to the Diary.

Now, please email me here: ediesdiaries@gmail.com

With all good wishes

Yours sincerely

Dick Robinson
Edie's great nephew
On behalf of myself and my cousins, Piers and Jill Stainforth.